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Iron On Denim Patches for Clothing Jeans, 30/20/12-pack No-Sew Denim Patches Assorted Cotton Jeans Repair Kit Great for DIY Sew on Patch for Jeans, with 3/5 Assorted Colors

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Iron On Denim Patches for Clothing Jeans, 30/20/12-pack No-…

Last fetched on December 23, 2022

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Iron On Denim Patches for Clothing Jeans, 30/20/12-pack No-Sew Denim Patches Assorted Cotton Jeans Repair Kit Great for DIY Sew on Patch for Jeans, with 3/5 Assorted Colors
Product Description

Saving customers' money and providing good products continue to be EEEkit's mission. Are you trying to decor your favorite clothes or do some mending?? EEEkit iron on denim patches set is an ideal choice for you!! Comes in 3 or 5 colors, these iron on fabric patches can match your various needs. You can freely show your creativity by design patterns and cut into shapes you want to patch or decorate your clothes, to make your clothes unique. The jean repair patches are nicely crafted with hot melt glue on the back, which has stickiness after being heated, just press them with an iron, no need to take time to sew, save your time and effort. These clothing patches are made from quality denim and twill cloth, durable material to use, not easy to be worn out, the size of each patch is different, please refer to the picture for details. Whether you want to mend or reinforce an old pair of pants, you enjoy DIY projects or various arts and crafts, these iron-on patches are definitely a versatile and practical option!Note: Clothes and patches should be kept dry when ironing, and no water spray is required. After the patch is ironed, it can be closely combined with the clothes for a long period of time. If it is peeled off, the possible reason is that the ironing temperature or the time is not enoughInstructions:Step 1: Open the white paper on the pack of the patch. (White paper mainly prevents the glued surface from getting dirty.)Step 2: Place the patch in the place where there is a hole, and make the glued surface toward the clothesStep 3: Iron at high temperature for 20-30 secondsStep 4: Iron again for 20-30 seconds from the opposite side to ensure the adhesive meltsStep 5: Finally iron it from the front for 32 seconds, and mainly iron the corners of the fabric to make the patch and clothing perfectly blend.

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December 23, 2022

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