About Waltrack

Waltrack is the only price tracker for Walmart of its kind. With Waltrack you can see the historic prices of more than 36 million Walmart products. You can set price alerts, so you get an alert via email when the price of a product drops.

After the launch in April 2021 it quickly became a hit in the (extreme) couponing community, as the combination of both couponing and price tracking is a match made in heaven for people looking to stretch their dollars.

How it came to be

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Jelle, the founder of Waltrack, lost his job. He decided to start his own company, but doing so meant he would have to reduce his personal expenses and tighten his budget.

When researching ways to do that, he came across wonderful communities full of people trying to live frugal and save money. At one point he saw someone ask on Reddit if "something like a price tracker but for Walmart products" existed.

There didn't seem to be a tool like that, and so Jelle decided to build it.

Soon after the launch of Waltrack, several users asked if he could make price trackers for other online stores as well. And so he built AliWatcher, Bebuwa, CdiscoTrack, MyntraWatch and Prijzenvolger.

Fun fact, Jelle already made a price tracker before in 2016 called Prijzenvolger, but discontinued it after a year as it was difficult to combine it with his day job at the time.

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