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Waltrack is the only price tracker for Walmart of its kind. With Waltrack you can see the historic prices of more than 36 million Walmart products. You can set price alerts, so you get an alert via email when the price of a product drops.

After the launch in April 2021 it quickly became a hit in the (extreme) couponing community, as the combination of both couponing and price tracking is a match made in heaven for people looking to stretch their dollars.

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36 million products

We track millions of Walmart products and share this data free of charge on Waltrack.net. Even making an account is optional, but highly recommended!

Deal Finders

Our robots and volunteer deal finders scour our database and the Walmart.com website in order to find great deals. Deals that you won't find anywhere else.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact Jelle, the creator of Waltrack.net, if you have any questions.

The Waltrack Deal Finders

A special thank you to our awesome Deal Finders. They find the great Walmart deals that you won't find anywhere else on the web.

  • Emma, Waltrack Deal Finder


    Deal Finder since April 2021

  • Jelle, Waltrack Deal Finder


    Deal Finder since the very beginning

  • Jacqueline, Waltrack Deal Finder


    Deal Finder since May 2021

  • Jessica, Waltrack Deal Finder


    Deal Finder since April 2021

  • John, Waltrack Deal Finder


    Deal Finder since July 2021

  • Marjory, Waltrack Deal Finder


    Deal Finder since June 2021

  • Stephenie, Waltrack Deal Finder


    Deal Finder since May 2021

  • Tom, Waltrack Deal Finder


    Deal Finder since May 2021

  • Will, Waltrack Deal Finder


    Deal Finder since May 2021

  • William, Waltrack Deal Finder


    Deal Finder since June 2021

Frequently asked questions

The answer to that question is: it depends.

We update the price and product data in three ways:

  1. When users visit a Walmart.com product page with our extension installed
  2. When users visit a product page on Waltrack.net, we fetch the latest product information
  3. On a regular basis we get a catalog copy from Walmart itself (thanks Walmart!)

We also divide our products in two categories: the products that are tracked by users (so price alerts on that product), and those that are not tracked.

The last thing we want is to miss a price drop on a product that is tracked. That's why we refresh tracked products 10 times a day.

We have a little bot that runs daily and refreshes the product info of around 2,000 products, the ones that haven't been updated the longest first (FIFO).

Great question!

In our opinion: passwords are a hassle. They get hacked, they might be too weak (looking at you people who use something like 123456 as a password), you forget them, you need a password manager to save them, etc.

That's why you can only sign in passwordless on Waltrack. When you sign in on Waltrack, you receive an email with a unique link. You simply click that link to go to Waltrack, and you are immediately signed in.

That way you don't have to remember yet another password, we don't have to worry about a malicious party taking your password, and it's super easy, as you probably already have your email open.

Deals are found by both our Deal Finder bot and our human Deal Finders.

By browsing the Walmart.com website with the Waltrack Chrome Extension installed, and visiting product pages of potential deals, we get the most recent prices of all those products.

Then our Deal Finder bot checks those updated products, and checks if it can be considered "a deal".

If it is considered a deal, it goes for human review. If they then consider it a deal as well, it's published on our Walmart deals page.

When people with the Waltrack Chrome Extension installed visit a category page on Walmart.com, the best selling products of that category are sent to our servers.

Then we update the Best Sellers page.

Go to any product page on Waltrack.net.

Beneath the product chart is a form to create a price alert.

Enter your desired price and your e-mail address and submit the form.

Congrats, you just created your first price alert!

Yes you can!

Beneath the product title on any product page on Waltrack is a "Share" button. Click it.

There you'll see the option to embed the chart of that product on your website

Simply copy the HTML code and paste it on your website. Where in the HTML you paste it, is where it will be shown.

Also, any backlink is much appreciated!

You can safely assume that every link you click on Waltrack that leads to a page on Walmart, is an affiliate link.

Every time someone clicks a link and ends up buying something on Walmart, I receive a small percentage of the total order amount.

All goals and milestones are shared on Waltrack's Indie Hackers page.

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