5 Walmart.com shopping hacks that save you money

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Walmart is well-known for their low prices, and their famous "Rollback discounts". However, there are other ways you can save some serious money while shopping on Walmart.com. Here are 5 tips and tricks you can use right now to save money on Walmart.

1. Ask for a price match

While items on Walmart are generally cheaper than elsewhere, it can happen that it's available at a competitor for less. In that case, you can ask Walmart to price match; both in store and online.

Please note there are a few requirements before Walmart will approve your request for a price match.

For one, the products have to be identical, i.e. size, model, quantity, brand, color, etc.

On top of that, Walmart will only match if it's sold (and fulfilled) by a select group of online retailers, including Amazon.com, Bestbuy, Homedepot, Kohls, Lowes and Target. For the full list, check the list on the Walmart Help Center.

2. Request a price adjustment

There are two main ways people use Waltrack: one is to set alerts in order to buy an item at a cheaper price.

The other way is by setting price alerts on an item after they've bought it. That way, when the price drops a few days later they can contact Walmart and ask to get an adjustment for the price difference.

Note that in order to get a price adjustment, this does not work for clearance pricing or events (e.g. Black Friday), or items sold by a third-party seller on Walmart.com

3. Get free delivery

There are two ways to get free delivery on Walmart.

The first way is to become Walmart +. For $98 a year you'll get free next-day & two-day shipping on items, without an order minimum required. As delivery costs are $5.99, that means you'd need to place 16 orders a year to break-even. On top of that you also get mobile scan & go - a way to checkout with your phone in the store, as well as free delivery from your Walmart store.

Another way to get free delivery is to reach the minimum order of $35. Every orders of $35 or more have free delivery.

If you are a few cents short of that $35 mark, you can fill your cart with some cheap Walmart items.

A great way to find cheap filler items for Walmart is by checking I heart the Mart's under a dollar list. It lists over 200 items that are priced a dollar or less, so you can add them to your shopping cart to reach the $35 mark and enjoy free delivery.

4. Use Waltrack (including the extension)

Well, you probably know about us by now, but in case you're not 100% sure what this is all about: using Waltrack is a great way to save money while shopping on Walmart.com.

You can see the historic prices of products, so you can see if it's a good time to buy that item. And if the product is too expensive right now, you can set a price alert to receive an e-mail when the price drops.

With our handy Google Chrome Extension you can check the pricing chart without having to leave the Walmart.com website. Simple add the extension to your Google Chrome, and whenever you're on a product page on Walmart you can tap the little Waltrack icon in your menu bar, and the pricing chart will appear there.

5. Check the clearance section

Whether you're in a physical Walmart or you're on Walmart.com, it's always a good idea to check the clearance section.

On Walmart.com you can find their clearance section here.

Right now there are over 25 pages filled of items in clearance, some of those items are even at a 80% reduced price. Just make sure to check the price history to make sure there are no faux reductions.

Hopefully this list of 5 tips and tricks will help you save money on Walmart.

Got more tricks? Let us know, so we can make this the must-read guide to save money while shopping at Walmart.

Happy shopping!

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