5 products with crazy price charts

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Most people think that prices of products are static, and only go down when there's a sale. That's simply not the case.

In this product we collected 5 products with crazy price charts, with prices tripling over the course of a few days.

If this doesn't convince you to use Waltrack for your online shopping, we don't know what will!

1. Pokemon frenzy

During the Covid-19 pandemic, prices of trading cards skyrocketed. People began collecting NFL, MBA, NBA and Pokemon cards, increasing demand. As you might remember from Economics 101, an increase in demand when the supply stays the same leads to... higher prices!

An example of the price gouging going on is the following pack of Pokemon cards that quintupled in value:

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In fact, the price of this product went up right as Walmart announced to stop the sale of Pokemon cards in physical stores as some customers displayed "inappropriate customer behavior."

2. Where's that motor oil

Another product with an inexplicable weird product history chart is the Synethetic motor oil by Mobil 1:

This product was part of the Memorial Day rollback at the time of writing ($22.37 on May 29th), but just kept going up and down right before the sale.

We're not 100% sure if it had something to do with the temporary gas shortage, but it's possible.

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In fact, we were notified of this weird chart by a Waltrack user (thanks John!) who asked us if there was a bug somewhere because the chart seems so odd.

We agreed it looked odd, but when we checked the data we verified it was 100% correct.

3. Did you get your PS5?

When the PS5 hit the shelves it was immediately in limited supply, due to the global semi-conductor shortage. In fact, now months after the launch, the PS5 is still sold out. Tom's Guide even has a PS5 restock page, where you can see when certain retailers get restocks.

As the page mentions, Walmart got a restock on May 22nd.

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The conclusion when taking a look at this chart is that when the PS5 is in stock, the price goes up. When it's out of stock, the price goes back down to the advertised price so people consider Walmart to buy their beloved gaming console from.

Walmart is probably going to get a restock next week after Memorial Day, and we can't wait to see if the price will go back up again or not.

4. But Apple products don't change price?!

Every time Apple announces a new product, they include the suggested price of that product. A lot of people think that that price is fixed and only changes with Black Friday or the announcement of a new generation of products. While it is true the prices of Apple products indeed change on those occasions, the prices of Apple products change all year round.

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5. How much for a ball of yarn?

The answer to that question: somewhere between $14.35 and $6.31. That's an $8.04 difference for the same ball of yarn!

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This is another one of those cases we can't explain. Did we miss the news about the global yarn shortage? And the funny thing is, every single ball of yarn shows crazy charts. Okay not every ball of yarn, but a lot of them do!

These were the five Walmart products with interesting price charts. Found another product where the chart reads like a rollercoaster? Let us know on [email protected].

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and don't forget to shop smart!

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