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Little Smart Mr Squawky Talky Parrot Phone

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Pmr Squawky Flaps His Wings, Moves His Beak And Shakes His Head While Teaching Children Addition, Counting And Phone Numbers That You Program Using Cordless, Infrared Technology, Kids Can Talk To Mr Squawky Talky Up To 15 Feet Away Your Child Will Love Mr Squawkys Lively Personality And "Attitude" Plus There Are Games Like "Mr Squawky Says" And "Follow Me" Which Make For Hours Of Creative And Interactive Fun For Your Child Parents Will Love How Mr Squawky Teaches Traditional Preschool Curriculum And Entertaining Games Using A Playful, Interactive Approachplaying "Grown Up" Helps Children Learn About The World Around Them Vtechs Line Of Preschool Products Offer Interactive, Roleplay Opportunities To Stimulate Growing, Creative ImaginationspSKU:TOYSGB00AFXEJ04

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