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17 Key Kalimba Finger Mahogany Keyboard Music Instrument Thumb Piano Wood Gift for Music Lovers Beginner Students

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17 Key Kalimba Finger Mahogany Keyboard Music Instrument Th…

Last fetched on December 22, 2022

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Product Name
17 Key Kalimba Finger Mahogany Keyboard Music Instrument Thumb Piano Wood Gift for Music Lovers Beginner Students
Product Description

【Easy to play】 Press a button with your thumb or finger and when you release the button, the vibrations in the wooden body are reproduced to produce a wonderful sound. Due to the double consolidation of the nails, the Kalimba produces a clear and melodious sound.【Excellent material】 Mahogany and mineral metal piano keys, one-piece body structure is more compact to get good resonance and keep the sound longer.【Practical design】 The design of the key bend is more suitable for plucking with your finger. The Kalimba body on both sides of the groove design feels smooth and offers more playing comfort. Triple sound holes for clean and clear sound. With the two rear sound holes you can achieve creative sound effects.【Design of the C melody according to international standards】 The corresponding melodies of the carbon steel tines are 1 (D), 2 (B), 3 (G), 4 (E), 5 (C5), 6 (A), 7 (F) . , 8 (D), 9 (C4), 10 (E), 11 (G), 12 (B), 13 (D), 14 (F), 15 (A), 16 (C6), 17 (E) (left to right).【Small and portable】 Small and a portable bag for easy carrying and storage. Hold your hand and slide your tines to play with a portable bag and join in wherever you go. Made of high quality mahogany body with 17 adjustable carbon steel tines.This kalimba offers a brighter and clearer timbre, longer sustain and a pleasant feeling for you.Kalimba is a national musical instrument with ethnic characteristics in Africa.It is also known as the thumb piano because people hit the blades of the instrument with their thumbs(In modern development mainly made of wood, bamboo or metal),Which can produce a wonderful sound.Package list:1 set of Kalimba Thumb Piano

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December 22, 2022

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