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Decathlon - Forclaz Trek 100, Compact Down Hiking Jacket, Women's

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Decathlon - Forclaz Trek 100, Compact Down Hiking Jacket, W…

Last fetched on October 19, 2021

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Decathlon - Forclaz Trek 100, Compact Down Hiking Jacket, Women's
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Warmth: Comfortable between 23?F & 41?F. RDS ethical down with a fill power of 800 CUINCompact design: Easily folds away in its left-hand pocket using a zipper with double pull.Water repellent: Surface-treated outer fabric to prevent water from getting in.Weight: This down jacket weighs approx. 9.7 oz in size S. 1.2 oz/m? fabric; 15 DenierPockets: Two deep, secure hand pockets for storing gloves and hatsThis padded jacket, worn as a 3rd layer, has been certified for a comfort temperature of 23?F during a standardized test in a thermal chamber. The model wears a synthetic long-sleeved T-shirt and a light fleece underneath. It works with a simulated 3 mph wind. In our heat comparison tool, it represents 2 stars. We have also tested this model in "static" mode; its temperature rating is 41?F in this case.We use RDS-certified down: Responsible Down Standard. Our traceability system allows us to guarantee the origin of the feathers in accordance with our commitment to use responsible materials. Our suppliers are committed to using only feathers that come from ducks that are bred for their meat and that are plucked after slaughtering. this down jacket with its 85/15 filling, the fill power is guaranteed to be 800 CUIN or more (European standard). The fill power is a measure of the down's thermal insulation capacity and its potential to "trap" air. So, down with a higher fill power (higher CUIN number) will occupy more space, trap more air and provide greater thermal insulation.The durability and fill power properties of down give this jacket 3 qualities for hiking: - Thermal insulation provided by the air trapped in the down and feathers - Ultra low weight: down is lighter than synthetic padding while offering the same degree of warmth. This saves even more weight in your backpack - Ultra-compressibleThe material of the quilted jacket is water-repellent. The treatment is applied to the main fabric that makes drops of water run off the surface, thereby delaying the time it takes for water to get inside the down jacket, so you have enough time to get out of the rain. We nevertheless recommend wearing a waterproof jacket over the quilted jacket in the event of prolonged exposure to the rain.

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October 19, 2021

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