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Decathlon - Quechua SH500 X-Warm, High Waterproof Snow Hiking Boots, Men's

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Decathlon - Quechua SH500 X-Warm, High Waterproof Snow Hiki…

Last fetched on August 30, 2021

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Decathlon - Quechua SH500 X-Warm, High Waterproof Snow Hiking Boots, Men's
Product Description

Warmth: Comfort temperature rating when stationary: 10?F. in dynamics: -6?F. Waterproof: Double inner wall shoe that guarantees impermeability to 2/3 of the height.Grip: Grip with SNOWCONTACT technology: materials and tread pattern of the soles.Traction: Traction on snow thanks to the position and depth of the 3.5 mm studs.Easy to put on: Side opening with 1/2 zipper for a quick and comfortable on and off.We chose a warm lining that has insulation to give you effective protection from the cold. We tested it in the lab and in the field with representative users. We checked to what temperature it stays comfortable when you aren't moving and when you walk, as it varies a lot: 16?F when static and 3?F when active. And we took into account the different ways women and men feel the cold.Your boots have been designed with a mid-height structure (WATSHELL double inner wall patent) that's 100% waterproof to protect the part of the foot most in contact with the snow (waterproof boot up to 2/3 height). The textile upper is water-repellent and warm to give you good protection against cold and snow ingress.We made sure that your boots are waterproof by conducting laboratory tests to simulate walking with the boots half-submerged in water. We also conducted field tests to measure wear and aging. During the waterproofing test, we test 3 levels of waterproofing: 2000 flexes (about 2.5-mile walk), 4000 flexes (about 5-mile walk) and 8000 flexes (about 10-mile walk). Your boots were tested to 8000 flexes, which is equivalent to 10 miles of walking. (NB: The upper is water-repellent)The grip of the boots is linked to the studs, their number and shape. Traction depends on the materials and ridges used on the soles, like your car's tires. Traction optimizes propulsion, prevents the boot from slipping backwards when going uphill and stabilizes the boot. Grip prevents the boot from slipping and skidding on smooth ground or in demanding conditions (rain, snow, ice) by giving grip to the sole.Equipped with SNOWCONTACT soles, your boots are designed for maximum grip comfort for hiking and traction on snow. The arrangement and height of the studs (5 mm) are strategically placed for optimal grip when hiking on snow. The surface and design of the studs are designed to perfectly grip the layer of hard snow and evacuate excess water so they don't slip.

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August 30, 2021

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